Renewable Energy

Microgeneration Certification

MCS qualified renewable energy installer in Poole and Bournemouth

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) operates to assure the quality of renewable energy products and installers. It is an internationally recognised Quality Assurance scheme which demonstrates that a company is committed to meeting rigorous standards.

Holton Plumbing Services Ltd has MCS accreditation for Air Source, Ground Source and Exhaust Heat Pumps

We've always handled a wide range of heating technologies. That range now includes the latest technologies in renewable energy. We've invested in accreditation under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and can offer the following systems:

Renewable energy is a fast growing area which has attracted a lot of companies having very little track record in the market. Holton Plumbing Services has been installing renewable energy systems since 2005 and has been MCS accredited since 2011. We are known and trusted for providing excellent services to our customers.

Heat Pumps

MCS qualified renewable energy installer in Poole and Bournemouth
MCS qualified renewable energy installer in Poole and Bournemouth

Heat pumps provide a new and clean way of heating buildings in the UK. They make use of renewable energy stored in the ground or in the ambient air, providing one of the most energy-efficient ways of heating buildings. The heat pumps are suitable for a wide variety of building types and are particularly appropriate for low environmental impact projects.

The two photos on the right show an installation we made at a new build development of flats in Poole. Each flat has an air source heat pump mounted on the outside wall. Heat is piped to an internal water tank installed in an airing cupboard in the flat, virtually the same size as an electrically heated hot water tank.

In addition to providing energy at very low cost and a much reduced carbon footprint, the system is very quiet in operation.

Warm Air recovery Systems

A warm air recovery system is a system that warms up incoming fresh air with the heat from the outgoing stale air of a dwelling.

A typical unit consists of two fans, one to take the stale air out and one to bring the fresh air in, the airflows run in alternating passages and it's the heat exchanger core that takes the heat out of the outgoing stale air and transfers it to the incoming fresh air without the airflows mixing. The system also helps and protects a building and its occupants from mould growth, condensation and other harmful airborne pollutants.

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